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welcome, goddesses + wellness baddies

i'm hailey

goddess yoga | astrology | conscious content creation

I believe I came to Earth in this incarnation to push societal boundaries and to embody my divine, authentic self. and I'm here to help you do the same!


the beliefs (& disbeliefs) that led me to you today

I don't believe that you have to settle in this life. I don't believe that corporate is the only way to make a living. If other people are living their dream life, so can you. I don't believe in our stories being our excuse to holding us back. I don't believe in the "hustle" culture. I don't believe that cold plunging is beneficial for all women (in fact, I believe it can do more good than bad). I don't believe in washing my hair every single day. I don't believe in eating foods all the time that make me feel terrible. I don't stand behind the way that our government is poisoning us in our food, water and air. 

I believe that morning walks will make you feel like a whole new person. I believe in a matcha ritual >> coffee. I believe that you are your own healer, and can heal yourself if you are dedicated to the work. I believe that healing is not linear. I know that women have phases in their cycle and connecting to your body will help to heal your mind, body and soul. I believe that you have all the answers within, sometimes it just takes a lil help to trust that intuition! I believe in radical responsibility. I believe that you can have a drink or two and still be a spiritual person. I believe that music is a frequency, and can heal the world.

I believe that everything comes down to mindfulness and the energetics. If you are mindful and the energy that you are feeling feels like a "FUCK YES", then do it. I believe in taking risks and leaving situations that feel like a "FUCK NO"


awaken your goddess power with goddess yoga

goddess yoga


- kathleen, CA

if you've never heard of it, I'm sure you're like "wtf is goddess yoga". intriguing... I know 😉.


goddess yoga is definitely not your average yoga class. it is the sacred and sensual art of connecting to and embodying the divine feminine power. in this 90 min experience we dive into many different modalities to help you to heal and grow your relationship with your body, womb, and power. 

how did I find goddess yoga? 

- as cheesy as it may sound, goddess truly found me. I was in a self guided yoga flow in my apartment in Portland on an April morning in 2023. the past august, I took a month off of drinking and was trying to find how to have fun without drinking. during that month I did a lot of yoga,

trying to make friends in a new place through the studio I was going to... and it was tough. I wanted something more collaborative from a yoga class - somewhere I could meet and connect with people. I just couldn't seem to find it in my area.


so back to April 2023 in my living room. even though I was sober only a month, this idea of "fun" sat with me for a while. during my yoga flow, I had a quick thought, "I love yoga but it's not fun to me. I want fun yoga". and immediately, a voice that was SO loud and direct came into my head "GODDESS YOGA". I paused... I hopped off my mat and went to my phone and looked up goddess yoga. wtf is that? I've never even heard of it before. but sure enough, it was a real thing! a movement, if you will. I saw that they had a retreat to become a goddess yoga facilitator and something in me told me I have to do it. I hopped on the phone with Holly (the creator of goddess yoga) and the next day I paid her a deposit for a facilitator retreat in Sedona, AZ. I really had no fucking idea how I was going to pay for it, but I knew I had to and I knew it would work out. (I ended up selling my car to my friend for $5000 a month before the retreat... DIVINITY!) 


I went on the retreat in July of 2023 and it truly changed my life. for the 6 months leading up to the retreat, my period was 7+ days late every month. I took my first goddess yoga class before the retreat, and the next day... I STARTED MY PERIOD! which was right on time when it should have been! since then, I've been doing goddess every two weeks and my period has been on time. ​


goddess yoga has truly helped me to find my voice, align my life to my purpose in this lifetime, take courageous acts to obtain the life I desire, release shame around being in my sexual embodiment, feel more at home and totally connected to my body, and connect with other women without feeling the need to be competitive. I grew up in a competitive household, so that one had a hold on me for a while, and goddess revealed to me where the wounding was, helped me to move (literally) through it, and then claim my goddess power + show up to support my girlies! (there's MORE than enough room at the table for everyone <3)​ my goal is to share goddess with the world, so that all women can heal.


when women heal, we heal the world.

the offerings


each offering is divinely crafted to guide and encourage you to step deeper and deeper into the truest essence of you. choose your journey below!


wellness baddie
(the membership)

holistic + somatic wellness for the girlies, redefined

wellness baddie is the community I had when I first started my healing + spiritual journeys. it's the membership where we come together every thursday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. we switch off between goddess yoga and another healing modality, such as shadow work integration, baddie link ups (sister circles), and much more! in this sacred community, we will play, laugh, cry, connect, and embody all parts of our being. join us today!

goddess yoga

the key to unlocking your divine goddess power. own your sensuality 

goddess yoga is a 90 min experience, deep diving in to your sensual and sexual power. through rituals and somatic movement, we tap into a deeper sense of our divine feminine power! in this 90 minute experience, I will guide you through a share circle, anointing with oils, oracle cards pulls, vinyasa flow, somatic movement and dance, shadow work, breathwork, and throat chakra activation through chanting/singing!

you can find my goddess yoga classes in the wellness baddie membership, as well as in person. be sure to follow me on Instagram and Substack to find the latest in person events! 


1:1 offerings

unlock your inner radiance, elevate your life

I've divinely crafted a few options to help you to tap into your divine power! in these offerings, I utilize many different modalities to help you connect on a deeper, soul level with yourself. you deserve to thrive in this life, and I am so excited to help you to get there! I know you're interested so click below to see the different options <3 


conscious content

elevate your brand through conscious content creation

being a conscious content creator means creating through authenticity, intention, and passion. I am proud to say that I promote clean products that invoke positive effects on the human body, as well as the world. crafting content through a mindful and authentic lens helps me to deeply connect to the product and resonate with the audience, in turn raising greater awareness for your products! 


work with me​!

ready to live a life that is in full alignment with your divine feminine power? 

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